Next Crawl: Nov. 16th 6:30pm!

Hello, potential Puzzler! 

Welcome to the Puzzle Crawl, Cincinnati’s premier event for nerds who like to drink and drunks who like to think. 

The Puzzle Crawl is a floating event that’s part pub crawl, part escape room, part scavenger hunt, and a whole lot of fun!

You and your team will gather with your competitors at a secret rendezvous point. At the designated start time, you’ll solve a Puzzle that will lead you to the next stop on the Crawl. Then you'll travel from bar to bar solving puzzles, fulfilling quests, and enjoying some delightful drink specials along the way.

At the final destination, the scores are tallied, bragging rights are granted, and the winning team receives a one-of-a-kind GRAND PRIZE PACKAGE valued at APPROXIMATELY $500!



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